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  • Experienced iOS Developer

I am a Mobile Developer based in Melbourne, AU, specialised in making apps. My focus at the moment is native iOS development written in Swift and SwiftUI. I am always looking to find interesting and challenging projects with new technologies, so this doesn’t mean that I’m limited to the technologies mentioned here.


Senior Software Engineer

Domain June 2020 - Now Sydney/Melbourne, Australia

Domain is a well recognised brand in Australia’s housing market. I was hired as an experienced iOS engineer to work on existing application.

Responsible for architecting, developing and maintaining features and capabilities of the main app, working with PMs, designers and developers to deliver a high quality experience for users.

Senior Software Engineer

Fox Sports Australia Jan 2018 - May 2020 Sydney, Australia

FOXSports has started to build a new application for all platforms by which users can have access to videos on demand and more. I am a member of iOS team working on this project.

I have been involved in developing and shaping the structure of this project from the ground. My main responsibilities are working with other members of the team to create, develop and extending frameworks and libraries are needed in the project, as well as working closely with UI/UX and BAs to develop features defined by business.

What I do in daily basis are:

  • Taking advantage of RxSwift widely in the project
  • Using a RESTful API to communicate with server
  • Using Cocoapods to handle dependencies
  • Using Git as our source control
  • Responding to changes in an agile environment

Senior Software Engineer

GoCatch Sep 2016 - Dec 2017 Sydney, Australia

GoCatch is a nationwide taxi booking platform and the country’s first locally-owned ridesharing app, offering new options for drivers and passengers across Australia.

I have taken the ownership of the existing iOS applications and it is my responsibility to maintain them, add required features, debug the errors and fix known and reported bugs, test and push the updates into the AppStore to keep the applications always up to date with the business. So I am:

  • Writing Objective-C to maintain the existing applications
  • Using Cocoapods to handle using the 3rd party libraries and dependencies
  • Using Git as our version control system
  • Using Fastlane to build and deliver apps updates to the AppStore

Having said that, we are refactoring whole the project to improve the structure and design pattern of the legacy codebase alongside applying significant improvements on user interface and experience. In this phase I am:

  • Involved in designing and implementing UI and UX
  • Migrating the codebase to Swift
  • Developing a new structure for apps based on MVVM design pattern
  • Taking advantages of Reactive Functional Programming with RxSwift
  • Refactoring to an easier and more efficient implementation of existing logics

Senior iOS Developer

Mentally Fiendly June 2016 - July 2016 Sydney, Australia

I was a member of their mobile team and working on a client project which was under development by latest version of Swift. That was a financial application for iPhone with a huge number of users.

My responsibilities can be listed as:

  • Developing and refactoring different UI parts of the project
  • Working closely with UI/UX team to make sure the app works as designed
  • Dealing with RESTful APIs to communicate with servers
  • Using GIT as source code management system
  • Making progress of projects in an agile environment

iOS Developer

Stockland January 2016 - June 2016 Sydney, Australia

At Stockland, I have started developing an iOS application from scratch based on the requirements and needs that Retirement Compartment had raised. This is a universal iOS application with adaptive layout written in Swift 2.2 using a RESTful API to talk to server.

In Addition, there is a system, containing a RoR application that fetches the CRM data and exposes it through a RESTful API for an iPad application and a Flash application. This data will be combined with a series of SVG maps - of their shopping centres - in the applications to enrich the CRM data. I have been responsible to bring the control of this system - that has been outsourced - in house and continue maintaining whole the system.

iOS Developer

Tabcorp September 2014 - January 2016 Sydney, Australia

As a member of mobile team I was responsible to work on TAB iOS applications and in charge of

  • Debugging and fixing bugs of iOS applications using Xcode
  • Developing new features and enhancing existing features
  • Developing and using reusable libs in Objective C
  • Using Git as source code management system
  • Making progress of projects in an agile environment

My key skills that made me successful in this position:

  • Intimately familiarity with UIKit and other native frameworks
  • Proficiency in GCD
  • Proficiency in using Xcode
  • Ability to debug applications using Xcode tools
  • Strong understanding of RESTful API principles and cloud-based technologies
  • Ability to quickly iterate on designs and requirements
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