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I am a Mobile Developer based in Sydney, AU, specialised in making apps. My focus at the moment is native iOS development written in Swift and Objective C. I also have experience building web based applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am always looking to find interesting and challenging projects with new technologies, so this doesn’t mean that I’m limited to the technologies mentioned here.


Senior Software Engineer

GoCatch Sep 2016 - Now Sydney, Australia

GoCatch is a nationwide taxi booking platform and the country’s first locally-owned ridesharing app, offering new options for drivers and passengers across Australia.

I'm managing the iOS apps.

Senior iOS Developer

Mentally Fiendly June 2016 - July 2016 Sydney, Australia

I was a member of their mobile team and working on a client project which was under development by latest version of Swift. That was a financial application for iPhone with a huge number of users.

My responsibilities can be listed as:

  • Developing and refactoring different UI parts of the project
  • Working closely with UI/UX team to make sure the app works as designed
  • Dealing with RESTful APIs to communicate with servers
  • Using GIT as source code management system
  • Making progress of projects in an agile environment

iOS Developer

Stockland January 2016 - June 2016 Sydney, Australia

At Stockland, I have started developing an iOS application from scratch based on the requirements and needs that Retirement Compartment had raised. This is a universal iOS application with adaptive layout written in Swift 2.2 using a RESTful API to talk to server.

In Addition, there is a system, containing a RoR application that fetches the CRM data and exposes it through a RESTful API for an iPad application and a Flash application. This data will be combined with a series of SVG maps - of their shopping centres - in the applications to enrich the CRM data. I have been responsible to bring the control of this system - that has been outsourced - in house and continue maintaining whole the system.

iOS Developer

Tabcorp September 2014 - January 2016 Sydney, Australia

As a member of mobile team I was responsible to work on TAB iOS applications and in charge of

  • Debugging and fixing bugs of iOS applications using Xcode
  • Developing new features and enhancing existing features
  • Developing and using reusable libs in Objective C
  • Using Git as source code management system
  • Making progress of projects in an agile environment

My key skills that made me successful in this position:

  • Intimately familiarity with UIKit and other native frameworks
  • Proficiency in GCD
  • Proficiency in using Xcode
  • Ability to debug applications using Xcode tools
  • Strong understanding of RESTful API principles and cloud-based technologies
  • Ability to quickly iterate on designs and requirements
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Self Project

Duraation 1.0 website

It is a simple time-tracker or life-logger that works based on #hashtags.

A personal project that has been written in Swift. There are some technical information listed:

  • Using SQLite with a Swift wrapper as database to store data
  • Implementing a multi-layer platform using GCD to handle related tasks in a seperate thread
  • Developing custom UIKit elements to improve user experience
  • Using storyboard and nibs as a placeholder for views and custom elements

Code is joy!
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